Change tracking in OneDrive

This article is to show you how to set up alerts on document changes that are shared in OneDrive.

Note: only the author of the document can set these change notifications


1. Browse to OneDrive in a browser

2. Down in the bottom left, click Return to classic OneDrive

3. Browse to the location of the document you would like to set up change notifications on, for example my Documentation.docx inside of the Change Tracking folder

4. Select the document you would like change notifications on

5. Click on the Settings cog wheel in the top right, and turn the ribbon on if it is currently not showing up

6. Click FILES in the top left to expand the file options ribbon

7. Once this ribbon is expanded, you can click on the Alert Me button to drop down alerting options

8. To set up a new alert, select Set alert on this document 

9. You can now set options for emailing selected individuals for the document. All of the following options are changeable to your liking

If anyone would like to stop the change notifications, the author who set them up will need to remove the individual or change the options to allow less frequent notifications.

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